Siberian Diaries 3 and 4

Siberian Diaries is a documentary historical account about the fate of four thousand children deported in 1941. Only one out of ten has survived and can give a testimony.

Part 3 and Part 4 cover the period from 1946 ‘till 1956. In 1946 around 1,500 children returned to Latvia as their mothers reported them to be orphans. They reached Latvia, and Mr. Dēlinš, director of an orphanage in Kuldigas Street, Riga, located the relatives of the children. Many mothers illegally returned from Siberia, arrests were to follow; almost all the children got imprisoned and deported back to Siberian echelons as felons. This continued ‘till mass deportations of 1949, when around 60,000more people were deported from Latvia to Siberia and further on ‘will the death of Stalin in 1953. Local Siberian authorities needed a workforce, therefore they tried to delay freeing of the deported and their return. The return to Latvia was hard anyway. People who returned from Siberia had nowhere to stay, they had no right to study and they were deprived having a special note in their passports. For what reason? We still do not have an answer…

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