Siberian Diaries 1 and 2

This film is dedicated to the children who were violently forced to leave Latvia on June 14, 1941, to those who died during the journey in cattle cars, to those who died in Siberia—the land of torture and murder, to those who survived, and to those who came home.

Of those who were deported from this location, one-half died in the next two or three years.

A great tragedy occurred here—water collected under the coffin.

The water froze and began to lift the coffin and corpse.

The corpse and coffin appeared above ground in the third or fourth year.

The gruesome sight of a dead person’s had appearing from the ground…

J. Videus …”If we forget these things, then how can we guarantee that it won’t happen again in the future, catching us unprepared? If we try to make friends, then we have to look at the future, but what kind of future can we have if we do not understand these crimes?

“There is no statue of limitations on genocide. Only once the murderers of the East are punished just like the other parties to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact—the Nazis of the Third Reich—were punished—only when Siberia is covered with memorials to the blameless victims of so many nations, only then we will be able to say that once there was Siberia.”

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