Latvia (Film)

This moving film deals with the loss of Latvian children who were sent to Siberia—with their parents and frequently only by their mothers—to serve out sentences. By the time many of these children sought to return to Latvia at the conclusion of the sentences meted out to their parents, they had, by then, become orphans. Agonizingly, Latvian society did not know how to greet and deal with these “exiles”. Children who had lost family ties had no help to re-integrate into their home country. They were sentenced, again unfairly, to a mental “not knowing where they belonged”. In addition, many were ostracized by social prejudice of rejection.

Once There Was Siberia Video
Once There Was Siberia Film

• Please note this film is also available in the section devoted to Siberia, as are the two films by Dzintra Geka concerning the repatriation of Latvian orphans after having returned from Siberia.